A Radical Invitation to Get More of Yourself


The Art of Intimacy: Perfection Course

“Perhaps everything that frightens us is, in its deepest essence, something helpless that wants our love.”- Rilke


Practical tools to bring you into the present
and geniunely love your life that starts working from week one. 

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In the pursuit of “perfection,” we often find ourselves consumed by anxiety and restlessness. We strive, longing for an ideal. In the Art of Intimacy, we extend a radical invitation: one that embraces every part of our being. Befriend not just the most beautiful, but the most ugly, the most disdainful, the most unfamiliar in ourselves. In the process, learn to discover a growing beauty with each aspect of life, as we know and be known, see and be seen, love and be loved.

What You'll Get


Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body

Shift from anxiety over what’s “not right” or “as it should be” to an embodied sense of the abundance and satisfaction with life as it is now.

Develop a Deeper Enjoyment of Life

Develop your capacity to appreciate the abundance that is already present in your life, and when you do that, more will naturally unfold.

Become Skilled at Intimacy with People

Gain new perspective into your forms of communicating, what holds you back, and techniques for connecting with others.

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What People Are Saying

A Heart-opening Experience

"It opened my heart in places that were needed. I am really enjoying this course so much and the order in which the material is being presented. The deep richness of the sutras and the videos with Aubrey are deeply nourishing.”— Deborah, Art of Intimacy course participant

Inspired Wisdom for Everyday Life

“The Art of Intimacy was a wonderful interactive way to not only learn the erotic sutras, but be able to ask questions, get personal reflections from the brilliant teacher, and be inspired by other classmates on ways to apply and integrate the sutras in everyday life.” —Vanessa, Art of Intimacy course participant

Your Lessons

  1. Know Your Perfection
  2. Perfection, Not Perfectionism
  3. Applying Approval
  4. Unconditional Freedom

What's In The Course?​

Highlights from the Course


In this 5-week series, you will:

  • Dive into interactive, weekly lessons covering topics that will shift your attention towards greater curiosity and intimacy with your life
  • Learn from senior-level faculty member Aubrey Fuller with 13+ years of experience teaching, writing and coaching these topics
  • Grow more intimate with yourself and each part of your life

Components of Each Lesson:








An introduction to the lesson

An deeper infusion from the Eros Sutras

An example that illustrates the concept

A video for deeper understanding

A meditation for reflection

An exercise for integration

A summary of the lesson

Meet Your Teacher

Aubrey Fuller
Aubrey has been with OneTaste and its associated organizations for 13 years. She is the co-Founder of the Eros Coaching Collective and a Senior Faculty at Eros Platform.

She is known for her keen intuition and care in working with people to reveal their true brilliance. Once a shy introvert without much of a voice – her power a mere potential – she is now a bright, brilliant woman and representative of Eros in the world.

Take the Art of Perfection with a Master-level Faculty

What You'll Get

  • Your guided 5-week group classes are led by teachers with 13+ years of experience.
  • You will receive personalized homework and insights directly from the teacher. 
  • Join a discussion group to talk to your classmates about the course.

For a limited time: only $249 and get access to this course and all other courses for an entire year. That’s less than $21 a month.

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