Explore the Eros Sutras

The Eros philosophy offers a feminine path to awakening.

We all know the feeling of being locked out of life, and searching for a way back into its center: to a sense of connection and growth into the future.

The Eros Sutras

At their core, these sutras remind us that love is the ultimate language and key to all things, and can manifest in many forms, from difficult experiences that help us grow, to desires that draw us forward into the unknown.


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Each sutra is available in both long-form text and recorded audio, so you can listen or read.



Digitally mark up your own copy of the Sutras using our annotation tool and capture insights and reflections as you read.


Memorialize the Sutras by purchasing a vegan leather-bound print edition. Now available for Volumes 1 & 3.


This is Nicole, author of the Eros Sutras. Listen to her speak about them.

Eros AI

Ask the Eros AI your questions and get personalized insight, advice, and feedback from a large-language AI based directly on the wisdom of the 391 sutras. This is your Eros Sutra Guide.

“The sutras remind me who I am at my core and how I want to show up in the world. It’s a resetting of my compass each time I read them, sloughing off extra layers and sinking into the naked, true vulnerability of life.”
The Eros Platform

The Eros Platform is an online community dedicated to Eros, where everything can be loved, welcome, and faced profoundly.


Live, interactive events hosted by renowned guest healers and thinkers

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Get Free Access to The Eros Sutras and Discover New Insights into Creativity, Power, and Feminine Truth

Get Free Access to The Eros Sutras and Discover New Insights into Creativity, Power, and Feminine Truth