The Eros Syndicate

Syndicate: An alliance that joins together to manage that which would be difficult, or impossible, to effect individually.


How To Plug In

Submit your writings, artwork, and creative works to The Eros Times. 

The Eros Times is a literary handbook for the erotic revolution

A curation of stories and ideas from the underbelly;

Sexual. Spiritual. Political. Personal.

The symphonic voice of woman;

Contradictory, large, the multitudes

The unleashing of the elemental force of woman into the world: word, art, critique, instructional.

Plug in, turn on, unleash

Email [email protected] to send submissions to The Eros Times. Submissions close on May 19

Hosting Events

Host your own Women Over Dinner

Host a weekly syndicate with other women where you live

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The Eros Times publishes original, creative, and critical work that speaks to the place of women’s power and sexuality through the filters of philosophy, politics, spirituality, culture and sex itself. Contributors will provide a much needed counter balance to the rhetorical polarities that are offered in contemporary media. 

Curated by Nicole Daedone, and accompanied by her writings, the foundational texts of the philosophy that guides life in Eros, a feminine path to spirituality, The Eros Times is the only media outlet devoted exclusively to the implications of the practice and philosophy of Orgasmic Meditation.

Women's Groups and Events

In Person in Harlem, NYC 
Women Over Dinner | Tuesday May 7 |

Online on The Eros Platform
Red Thread Women’s Group | Every Sunday at 1pm PT/4pm ET

Join the Harlem weekly syndicate every Thursday at 5 pm at Musette Wine Bar