Eros Fundamentals

Delve deep into the foundational principles of Eros, understanding its historical, cultural, and practical significance. By the end of this module, you’ll have a clear grasp of the core ideas that drive Erotic thinking and its potential to reshape societies.

Can I take Art School even though I’ve never practiced Orgasmic Meditation or OM infrequently?

Yes! Art School is an excellent way to ease yourself into an OM practice! You can also take Art School without ever learning to OM, although you will need personal experience with OM if you are pursuing certification.

Going through the personal experience of discovering an OM practice helps trainers relate to their clients even more.

It sounds like an amazing experience and I want the personal transformation it offers but I don’t think I want to be a coach. Is Art School still for me?

Yes! Art School offers participants an incredible set of unique experiences and life skills that you can put to use everywhere in your life. Quite a few people take the program without any intention to become a coach and find the personal development benefits and life skills invaluable. Behind the scenes we say taking Art School is the best excuse to do the personal work you’ve always wanted to do!

How much time commitment per month does Art School ask of me?

Art School includes a monthly 3-hour workshop, 2-3 hours per week of content to study and integrate at your own pace, a weekly one hour small-group call, and a monthly one-hour one-on-one coaching session. Four of the months will also include a 2-hour workshop with a special guest. In total, you can expect to spend 16-20 hours per month on your program.

For people desiring certification, expect to add an additional 5-10 hours per month to your allotted time for Art School.

Are Art School graduates eligible to become teachers on the Eros Platform?

The best way to become a teacher on the Eros Platform is by completing Art School. Please note that gaining certification from your program does not guarantee you a teaching position with the Eros Platform. That said, let us know if you are interested in teaching and we will consider you.

Will any part of Art School happen in person?

The program itself will be entirely virtual, but we highly encourage students to connect with one and another and create their own gatherings, virtual and otherwise. For example, if you are in a location where there are other students near you, you can plan to attend the monthly call together and even collaborate together on creative projects for the program. There may also be a possibility that some weekends may have an option of attending in person on The Land.

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