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Unveiling the Science
behind Orgasmic Meditation

Wednesday, June 21, 2023 | 1pt – 1:55pt



Andrew Newberg, MD

Marcus Institute of Integrative Health


Nicole Prause, PhD.

Neuroscientist and Founder of Liberos,
Biotechnology Company

[  About the Conference ]

Join us for a free virtual event, exploring five years of research into the benefits of Orgasmic Meditation.

To date, 8 studies, 5 of which are peer-reviewed, have been published on Orgasmic Meditation, exploring the neurophysiological correlates of the practice, notable impacts on emotional health, the brain, trauma, interpersonal closeness, and access to mystical states.

The event is hosted by renowned researchers at the forefront of this research and will include both highlights from past research and news of future studies.

[  What Is Orgasmic Meditation  ]

Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is the premier practice for accessing a mystical state that has been shown to promote human flourishing and greater resilience.

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The Institute of OM Foundation (IOMF) is a non-profit research center focusing on peak state consciousness arising from the practice of OM as it pertains to improvements in the areas of trauma, depression, general health and the advancement of eudaimonia. Learn more.

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