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Tuesday, Oct. 17

Morning Session

Our opening retreat session. Chongwol-la focused on Vajrayogini during this session.

Eros Talks with Nicole Daedone

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Join live at the Eros Monastery, on the set for Eros Talks with OneTaste co-founder Nicole Daedone. Art, science, politics, women, sex, power, and liberation. Eros talks are real, intimate, charged, conversations that aim to cross barriers, build bridges, enliven our deeper wisdom and evoke a new vision of the world, a world seen through the eyes of connection.


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Our original event. Step into "TurnON," an evening described as "eletric," "intimate" and "powerful." In TurnON, players participate in three communication games guided by a facilitiator. The games are based on the mechanics of the OM practice, from attention to "stroking" to honesty and communication. Participants leave with a sense of ignition and intimacy.

What Is OM Workshops

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What if there was a way to use the most powerful human drive—the sex impulse—for more than pleasure or procreation? What if a method had been created to harness that incredible power and direct it towards growth and unconditional freedom? What if one day could change the way you see woman's power forever?

Find out about what thousands of people have experienced and what leading neuroscientists are saying about this groundbreaking practice.

Tibetan Meditation Classes & Retreats

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Join us for traditional Tibetan Buddhism from the Vajrayana tradition. We offer morning Sadhana, meditation and mantra recitation sessions facilitated by a trained guide, as well as in-depth retreats, ceremonies, and pujas guided by authentic lineage holders from the Vajrayana Buddhism line.

Women Over Dinner

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These dinners are a facilitated round table experience with a specific format designed to evoke shares of each woman's unique blueprint of her own power, sexuality and liberation.

There is no discussion or cross talk at these dinners, making this a rare space for women to express without feedback and listen without pressure to respond.

To date, we have had over 35 dinners in 18 major cities including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and Austin and dinners in Hawaii, Bulgaria, Boston, Nigeria and Nevada City to name but a few.
Created by the same folks who brough you death over dinner.

Explore Women Over Dinner.

Free Food

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Free Food is about emptying what is full, and filling what is empty. We provide nourishing sit-down meals to those who could not otherwise afford them, bringing dignity to outcast populations and delivering love through food. At the same time, our meals provide the opportunity to empty out and serve for those who have more than they need.

Explore Free Food.

Event Calendar

July at a Glance

A Program for Becoming

The Artist of
Your Own Life

Featured Events This Month

Join us for community, connection, and power this July.

Tibetan retreat with drupon chongwol-la
tuesday, July 2 to saturday, july 13


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Open House

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January 5

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What Will I Learn?

Eros Fundamentals

Delve deep into the foundational principles of Eros, understanding its historical, cultural, and practical significance. By the end of this module, you’ll have a clear grasp of the core ideas that drive Erotic thinking and its potential to reshape societies.

1. Fundamentals: Learn the essential application of Eros
2. Mystical State: Sustained access to a sense of unity
3. Unique Genius: Expose your Erotic brilliance and express it
4. Poison to Medicine: Transform pain into power
5. Intimacy: Deeper sense of connection with all aspects of life
6. Inner Wisdom: Develop deep listening to tap into your intuition
7. Relationship Skills: Master effective communication and receptivity
8. Erotic Lens: Learn to see below the world of appearances
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Students Are Saying

Learn how the Eros Platform is helping others
discover resonance within their lives.

Joe z

"OneTaste programs accelerated my life and jumped me ahead in all areas of my life. I was 50 years old when I first started. I had left my career job as an engineer and I was set on reinventing myself in many ways. I didn’t have time to learn slowly and take a bunch of different courses. OneTaste’s programs taught me how to integrate all aspects of my life, from dating, business, personal development and family, all into one being. It was so fun and helpful to be supported by an amazing group of like minded individuals. I have been a certified Orgasmic Meditation coach and trainer now for several years and I also own my own soil restoration company. My life is filled with rich relationships I formed during my time with OneTaste with other erotic beings. I’m so glad I decided to take these programs through OneTaste. Truly life changing in many ways."


Yia Vang
Senior Faculty

Yia Vang is an 18+ year Erotic Practitioner and Dean of the Eros Academy. She is known for her precise guidance and strong foundations in the philosophy of Eros and practice of OM.

Aubrey Fuller
Senior Faculty

Aubrey Fuller is a 15+ year Erotic Practitioner and Director of the Women's Movement. She is known for her intuitive teaching and ability to extract brilliance in all things.

Matt Sherman

Matt Sherman is a long-time Erotic practitioner, co-founder of the Black Culture and the Erotic movement, and Tibetan Practice leader. Matt is known for his deep service, artistic touch, and grounded love. Matt also oversees the work of Free Food to bring gourmet meals to the homeless.

Emmett Farley
Tibetan Practice Lead

Emmett Farley is the Lead Practice Holder for the Tibetan Buddhism practices at the Monastery, holding group Sadhana sessions and overseeing Fire Puja ceremonies. He is also the head of the Chowchilla Blues Band, creating songs to celebrate the work of Unconditional Freedom.

Austin Ayer
Tibetan Practice co-Lead

Austin Ayer is co-lead of Tibetan Practices at the Eros Monastery and instructor in Emptiness and the Erotic, the bridge between Tibetan Buddhism and Erotic practice.

Bob Wilms
Tibetan Practice co-Lead

Bob Wilms is co-lead of Tibetan Practices at the Eros Monastery and head of outreach from the Monastery to Harlem


From Social Justice to
Erotic Justice


Re-wilding Our Humanity


Training in Orgasmic Meditation


The Science of Orgasmic Meditation


Healing and Restoration through the Mystical State


The Art of Community


Women's Power and Feminine Enlightenment


Connection and Interdependence


Play Consciousness


Addiction, Creativity and Genius


The Subtle Realms of Dreams,
Death and Psychedelic Mysticism


Reconciling the Individual and the Collective


Digestion and Gratitude

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About the Monstery

The Eros Monastery New York is a non-profit center, dedicated to the philosophy and practice of Eros, the force of unconditional love, creativity and transformation. We offer events, classes, and retreats.

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“To learn through the nature of the waves, to love the water itself, as both the crest and the crash. This is artistic mastery–the way the ocean works equally with the creation and the destruction of form. All returns to the depths.”

-Nicole Daedone

Eros Monastery


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The person who knows they’ve got an artist inside but isn’t sure how to access them. You know more is possible not just in “relationships” but in relationship with yourself and all things.