Eros is a philosophy that can change how you view yourself and the world.


Eros is a philosophy. It’s a way of looking at the world, grounded in both ancient principles and common wisdom. Everything we can discover in Eros is discovered through our own body and relationships with others. Eros begins with the idea that you are perfect, with room to evolve.

Explore the Eros philosophy

The Body & Wisdom

Eros invites us to descend down to the body to find wisdom and power.

Women & Desire

The Eros Philosophy offers the idea that desire is power and a woman’s path is to discover hers.


Activating this simple energy of Eros can imbue our lives with a deep feeling of purpose.

Orgasmic Meditation

Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is a partnered practice that opens us to Eros in our body.

Science of OM

Orgasmic Meditation has been the subject of 6 studies and 5 published peer-reviewed papers by leading research scientists. Watch one woman’s personal story with OM alongside commentary by research scientists.

Author & Artist Nicole Daedone

See one of hundreds of clips of artist and The Eros Sutras author Nicole Daedone talking about Eros.

Explore the world of Eros

OM App

A free mobile app offering step-by-step instruction in how to OM.

Unconditional Freedom

An Eros-inspired non-profit offering liberation to those in marginalized communities including the incarcerated, the homeless, those in addiction, women, and the black community.

Read The Eros Sutras

Volume 1: Principles offers the foundational concepts of the philosophy of Eros.

Watch videos

Explore The Eros Platform video library to learn more.

Art School

An online school training in Erotic philosophy and Orgasmic Meditation (OM).


Engage in self-guided and live courses on The Eros Platform on topics ranging from finding inner perfection, connection, and intimacy, to addiction, and more.

What people say:

I had tried many avenues of healing before finding Eros. While many were great, none have transformed me as deeply and applied to as many areas of my life as this has.

The Eros Platform has been an amazing way to learn more about myself, go in depth with practices like Orgasmic Meditation, and meet great people.
I am on there daily checking out the new things coming up. My favorite has been Art of Addiction—that class has totally shifted my perspective on addiction, something that I struggled a lot with in the past. I now have a lot more acceptance of myself and I feel more clear and purposeful in my life.
Joining The Eros platform has been the best time investment.

Everyday, I am able to gain insight and wisdom on how to live and feel better. My feelings are validated in this safe space, my voice is heard.

I instantly felt supported in my journey to unleash my power! I am so grateful for Eros.

The Eros Monastery Retreat Center

Our in-person monastery in Northern California

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Welcome to Eros

The Eros Platform is the first and only online monastery dedicated to the teachings of Eros