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Women's Empowerment

on the Eros Platform



A New Model of

Feminine Power

Embark on a transformative journey with "Women's Empowerment with Nicole Daedone" as you delve into the profound exploration of feminine power and the integration of Eros, or life force, into women's lives. Throughout this enlightening course, challenge conventional perspectives on feminism and masculinity, and uncover the hidden power that society often overlooks.

A look inside your course

Women's Empowerment

with Nicole Daedone

Lesson 1: Real Power Feels Good to Be Around

The lesson discusses the concept of "blue market feminism," emphasizing the idea of women feeling empowered without being victimized. The speaker reflects on her experience with a group of women who seemed to have mastered this form of empowerment. Despite her attempts to understand their approach and principles, she struggled to pinpoint the underlying organizing principle that these women followed. The lesson highlights the importance of genuine empowerment, the pitfalls of traditional feminist stereotypes, and the value of learning through experience rather than being told.

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Lesson 2: Telling Your Story Without Victimhood

The lesson describes a transformative moment for the Nicole when she witnessed a woman's resilience and joy despite facing serious challenges. This experience led the speaker to understand a different kind of feminism that is not about victimization or power against men, but about genuine personal empowerment and resilience. The woman’s insights revolved around not being a victim in her story, the power of enduring experiences, and recognizing the value of being alive.

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Lesson 3: The Invisibility of Women's Power

The lesson explores the concept of the "true feminine" and its often overlooked presence in society. Drawing an analogy from the famous "gorilla basketball" video, the speaker highlights how the true feminine is often invisible or unrecognized due to societal norms and masculine-defined perspectives. The true feminine is about connectivity, understanding everything as interconnected, and shared experiences between genders. The speaker emphasizes that the true feminine is essential for a balanced society and that it's not a matter of competition but of shared experiences and connections.

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Lesson 4: Scarcity Keeps Desire Out of Reach

The lesson delves into the complexities of femininity and masculinity, emphasizing the importance of incorporating Eros, or life force, into the feminine experience. The speaker discusses how society often pushes women to adopt masculine traits or remain non-resilient, highlighting the need for slow, consistent, and intentional efforts to reintroduce Eros into women's lives. This process is essential for balancing the over-masculinized world and fostering genuine connection and healing.

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Lesson 5: True Feminism

The lesson discusses the idea that many women who view themselves as powerless are actually the holders of power. The speaker debates with a man about the benefits of a woman embracing her power, emphasizing the integration of Eros, or life force, into women's lives as essential for resilience and self-awareness. The true feminine power is described as seamless, elegant, and not needing to be flaunted but felt. Feminism, as presented by the speaker, is about women recognizing and embracing their power without needing to prove it to anyone.

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About Your Course

Women's Empowerment with Nicole Daedone is a redefinition of power by women.

5 recorded VIDEO Lessons

iNSTRUCTION BY nicole daedone, best-selling author of the eros sutras and creator of orgasmic meditation

exploring themes of resilience, soft power, man/woman dynamics, and true feminism

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Your Year
at a Glance

Eros Fundamentals

Delve deep into the foundational principles of Eros, understanding its historical, cultural, and practical significance. By the end of this module, you’ll have a clear grasp of the core ideas that drive Erotic thinking and its potential to reshape societies.

Month 1 | Erotic Artistry
Starts January 13th
Month 2 | Tumescence
Starts February 3rd
Month 3 | Eudaimonia
Starts March 2nd
Month 4 | Woman
Starts April 6th
Month 5 | Liberation
Starts May 4th
Month 6 | Erotic Justice
Starts June 1st
Month 7 | Art of Community
Starts July 6th
Month 8 | Deep Practice
Starts August 3rd
Month 9 | Play
Starts September 7th
Month 10 | Mysticism
Starts October 5th
Month 11 | Art of Metabolizing
Starts November 2nd
Month 12 | Love Is the Carrier Signal
Starts December 7th
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A Letter from Us

A Most Courageous Declaration

The most courageous declaration of all is that of the Erotic Artist: to turn poison into medicine. It is to love the unlovable, to employ the human heart, moved by Eros, in the act of loving into being what each one most desires to become.

As the Erotic Artist, your ingenuity and sensitivity, receptivity and broken heart–everything–becomes your medium. You will practice life as art–revealing the power of poison to medicine. This is what is asked of us in Eros — to draw from and form the material of the mystery, being ourselves formed in the process.

The Erotic Artist is anybody who desires to live life as art. The Erotic Artist drives into the heart of life's dualities, engages with the whole spectrum of human experiences.

Erotic Artists are active participants in their lives, defining it by their own rules, carving their own aesthetic. Freedom is not a state to be achieved, but an intrinsic part of being. The question they grapple with is not about seeking freedom, but what they intend to do with this inherent freedom.

The Erotic Artist agrees to not merely partake but participate in the creative and the created. To pass the divine spark as a torch that will light another. To agree to be beholden to life on life’s terms. To agree to live with the heart unguarded, unprotected and unarmored.

What Will I Learn?

Eros Fundamentals

Delve deep into the foundational principles of Eros, understanding its historical, cultural, and practical significance. By the end of this module, you’ll have a clear grasp of the core ideas that drive Erotic thinking and its potential to reshape societies.

1. A new definition of women's power
2. Turning from victimhood to resilience
3. Learning to recognize the subtlety of power in feminine forms
4. Shifting as women from masculine to feminine models of power
5. Recognizing the value of embracing what is known as soft power

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"OneTaste programs accelerated my life and jumped me ahead in all areas of my life. I was 50 years old when I first started. I had left my career job as an engineer and I was set on reinventing myself in many ways. I didn’t have time to learn slowly and take a bunch of different courses. OneTaste’s programs taught me how to integrate all aspects of my life, from dating, business, personal development and family, all into one being. It was so fun and helpful to be supported by an amazing group of like minded individuals. I have been a certified Orgasmic Meditation coach and trainer now for several years and I also own my own soil restoration company. My life is filled with rich relationships I formed during my time with OneTaste with other erotic beings. I’m so glad I decided to take these programs through OneTaste. Truly life changing in many ways."

Who is this
Program for?

The Artist in Training

The person who knows they’ve got an artist inside but isn’t sure how to access them. You know more is possible not just in “relationships” but in relationship with yourself and all things.

The Seeker of the Mystical

The person who feels trapped in the everyday experience of life. Somebody hungry for the mystical. Maybe you’ve felt that something you know is possible before but aren’t sure how to tap back into it. You feel locked out, relying on external conditions for access.

The Voyager

People with an active mystical experience of life who want to explore another vehicle. You have existing mystical access and are ready to explore something potent, aligned, and distinctly (possibly uniquely) feminine.

The Creators

Creatives who want to take their skill and expression to the next level: for contribution and for more enjoyment of their lives. You have skill and experience with a certain medium and want to grow as an artist into different abstractions of expression.

The Seeker of Passion

People who want to find purpose that aligns with their passion. Everything is going great for you except what you do and who you are are out of alignment. You lead dual lives. Find the through line.

The Spiritual Practitioner

The spiritual practitioner who wants to learn to unite the primordial forces of the soul with the spiritual ideals of the above. You’ve gone down the spiritual rabbit hole but you want something more embodied that you can sink your teeth into.


From Social Justice to
Erotic Justice


Re-wilding Our Humanity


Training in Orgasmic Meditation


The Science of Orgasmic Meditation


Healing and Restoration through the Mystical State


The Art of Community


Women's Power and Feminine Enlightenment


Connection and Interdependence


Play Consciousness


Addiction, Creativity and Genius


The Subtle Realms of Dreams,
Death and Psychedelic Mysticism


Reconciling the Individual and the Collective


Digestion and Gratitude

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“To learn through the nature of the waves, to love the water itself, as both the crest and the crash. This is artistic mastery–the way the ocean works equally with the creation and the destruction of form. All returns to the depths.”

-Nicole Daedone

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The person who knows they’ve got an artist inside but isn’t sure how to access them. You know more is possible not just in “relationships” but in relationship with yourself and all things.